Reason For Visiting Moco Museum In Amsterdam

Basically, it is a museum in Amsterdam in which they have an exhibition or some unique things. Moco Museum has a very large range of things that is very unique and inspiring. The difference in this museum is they have artwork of local people and streets in a very wide range.

Where Is Moco Museum In Amsterdam?

As you know Amsterdam is a very beautiful place so the Moco Museum is the heart of Amsterdam and is located in the center of Amsterdam.

What Makes Moco Museum Interesting?

The reason that makes Moco Museum interesting is as follows

  1. Exhibition in the Garden
  2. Sign of the Dollar in the Museum
  3. Famous Diamond Matrix
  4. Girl Catching Balloon
  5. Absolute Vodka

Exhibition in the Garden

As it is very old music of Amsterdam and very historic things attached with this museum. Many famous multinational artists have been taking care of this beautiful exhibition for tourists. The exhibition in the garden is basically focused on the sculpture of different international artists.

The exhibition in the garden at Moco Museum also has an old wood full of history people also say that it has different spiritual energies.

Sign of the Dollar in the Museum

Sign of the dollar art in the museum has the concept of wealth and art comparison in one picture. The dollar sign is a unique picture of the international artist Andy Warhol.

So now you are thinking where the idea comes from?

The idea came from his own creative mind. Because Andy’s background belongs to a very middle-class family, that’s why he knows the power of money and the importance of money.

But what is the idea the dollar sign giving you?

Basically, it is the concept and thinking of its own lifetime. The picture is reflecting his part of life from his struggling days to his successful life. Dollar Sign is a total reflection of its own life that how hard is to earn money in this crucial world. His painting also reflects the hard life of an artist that belongs to a middle-class family.

Famous Diamond Matrix

A most beautiful place in Moco Museum is the diamond matrix. Basically, it is made from thousands of colored lights in a very unique shape. The main investor of this beautiful artwork is Moco itself with the compromising collaboration of Dutch so with these two an Irma studio designed this great artwork with the music usher designs.

It is open to tourists anybody can come and enjoy this lifetime experience with this never-ending love masterpiece.

Girl Catching Balloon

A very old masterpiece in this whole museum is this painting of a girl catching a balloon. This is by Banksy. This is in the Moco Museum since 2002. Many people are attracted by this painting.

When you see this painting the painting itself tells you what I’m. The local people that the painting shows a girl catching a heart-shaped balloon. Means an innocent kid needed love and care so that’s why she is trying to acquire all these feelings and attention from someone she loved.

We think in the whole life of an artist she is just running towards attention, love, and care.

This painting is so fascinating from all prospective. Don’t miss it to see it live in the Moco Museum.

Absolute Vodka

This painting is basically a mixture of some books, cartoons, comics, and pop concerts arranged graphically. This painting is by Keith Haring a complete masterpiece. He draws this for his own signature style. This painting is in the museum since 1978. A very creative and unique mixture of things in his own signature style called Absolute Vodka by the artist.

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