Reasons Why Dental Scrap is More Valuable Than You Think

Did you realize that you have some expensive precious metals at your dental office that you might sell for a profit? Profits from the sale of metal alloys can be used to keep your company on top and help it grow. Orthodontist offices use a variety of precious metals to perform various tasks, such as gold crowns or inlays and silver amalgam fillings. Gold, palladium, platinum, and silver are among the metals that can be easily sold to refiners. Learning about the advantages of collecting and selling your byproduct will help you save money while also helping the environment.

Selling dental scrap or old crowns is a terrific method to supplement your regular income. As a dentist, you come into contact with a variety of materials daily hence some of these metals can help you save money. Unfortunately, many dental professionals are unaware that they can benefit from precious metals trading. Dental scrap or gold crowns are occasionally cleaned and discarded with the garbage. In certain circumstances, dentists who need to sell their high-level metals quickly sell dental scraps for less than market value. As a result, choosing a reliable agent to assist you to sort through your materials and educate yourself is critical to getting the most out of your investment.

Benefits of selling dental scrap

If you are a dentist, then you can make huge profits from selling dental scrap. It is a lucrative business that comes with financial benefits that can keep your business going even during tough economic times.

  • Improve our finances:
    You can generate extra money each year by selling dental scrap (crowns and other PFM scraps) from dental offices to a reputable refining company, which they can save or utilize to expand their companies.
  • Help Save Environment
    Dental scrap will always be discarded if it is not sold. You will be helping the environment if you sell it for recycling. If resources are employed to manufacture other high-value items outside of the dentistry sector, less of them will wind up in landfills, and the environment will not be harmed.
  • You Give Back to the Community
    Some online dealers donate a portion of their profits to America’s Tooth Fairy, so you’ll be helping the community. The National Children’s Oral Health Foundation, often known as America’s Tooth Fairy, was founded to support nonprofit clinics and a variety of community partners who rely on precious metal content.

Important things to look out for when selling dental scrap:
While it is becoming more common for dentists to save and sell their dental scrap, the majority of dental practices are still victims of middlemen, outmoded refining firms, or blatant scams. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for when selling scrap metal to ensure you get the best price:

1. Do not take cash on the spot:

Anyone offering to pay for your dental scrap on the spot is a middleman and will re-sell your material to a refiner, pocketing the difference. Selling your scrap for cash on the spot can cost you up to 80% of the value of your material.

2. Make sure you’re using a real refiner:

Only one method exists for accurately determining the precious metal content of dental scrap. A precious metal refiner must melt it and properly test it. Some middlemen have pretended to be refiners by including the word “refining” into their company name. Before quoting a price, all legitimate refiners will melt and assay your material and offer an assay report explaining the results of their analysis. You are not dealing with a legitimate refiner if you do not receive this report.

3. Demand Transparency:

Incoming weights, processed weights, and spot prices for each metal should be included in a credible essay report. Any reputable refiner who reports on the values and not the weights is omitting critical information from their reports. Beware of the refinery reports that do not include the palladium price.

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