Seven YouTube Hacks You Should Know to Improve User Experience

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has changed the way people consume video content. From kids to teenagers and adults, everyone enjoys watching YouTube videos.

But did you know you can do more than stream your favorite video? Let’s find out.

1. Watch your much-loved video in a loop

Have you found your favorite music video? Do you wish to listen to it throughout the day? Instead of clicking on the Replay button manually whenever the music ends, you can right-click on the video and select Loop.

The video will loop infinitely until you uncheck the Loop button.

2. Watch YouTube in blocked or banned countries

Although YouTube is a global sensation, certain countries have restrictions on YouTube, like Turkey, Iran, China, Brazil, and Germany. But worry not because you can unblock YouTube sites easily. For instance, you can use a VPN and switch your location. Then, find the unblock option and activate it. Or, you can use Tor to view your favorite videos. Tor is an anonymous browser that doesn’t reveal IP addresses.

3. Don’t let ads distract you while watching a video

Everyone who loves streaming videos on YouTube knows how annoying the ads can be, especially when they pop up unannounced. Sometimes, ads appear beforehand and ruin the video-watching experience.

Yes, there’s the option of clicking on Skip Ad, but that option appears after the ad has run for a few seconds. Nonetheless, it isn’t very pleasant. For eliminating ads, all you need to do is download and install an ad blocker.

4. Create custom YouTube URL

If you’ve recently created a YouTube channel and the URL appears to be a set of figures and letters, there’s an easy fix. You can change it to something that your subscribers can remember without trouble. To change the URL, go to YouTube account settings > under your name, click Advanced > if you see the option to claim your custom URL, agree to the Terms of Service and correctly enter your channel name > apply changes by clicking Change URL.

When you want a custom URL, keep in mind that it can only be changed from your desktop. After choosing the name, enter it correctly because once the title is accepted, you cannot change it anymore. Furthermore, only users registered on YouTube for over thirty days are eligible for creating custom URLs.

5. Get the written transcript for a video

For videos uploaded on YouTube, the application automatically generates a transcript. It comes in handy if you cannot comprehend certain phrases in the video or wish to share a quote that you liked.

The video transcript can be accessed by logging into your YouTube account > opening the video and clicking the Move button under it. Then, click on the Transcript option.

If you don’t see the video transcript, it might mean that the video’s owner has hidden it.

If you’re watching videos on your iPad or iPhone, you can see the transcript by launching the YouTube application and selecting the video. Then, tap the three dots on the top-right corner and tap the Caption option. After that, click the available transcript.

6. Save videos for watching them later

Have you discovered a new video that seemed interesting, but you don’t have time to watch it right away? YouTube offers the choice of saving videos for watching them later by adding them to the Watch Later playlist. You have to log into your Google account and find the video that you wish to watch. Then, click on the Save icon and select Watch Later. You can repeat the same process if you find more videos that you wish to watch later.

7. Create a photo slideshow on YouTube

Everyone knows that you can upload audio and videos to YouTube, but do you know you can also upload pictures? YouTube allows users to create slideshows on the site, and you can even share them with your friends and family on social media. Whether posting your pictures from your Mac or PC on YouTube, click the Upload button and click Create in the Photo Slideshow module. Then, upload images from your G+ account or PC and click Select to drag and drop the pictures in the relevant order. After that, you have to select Next and preview your slideshow. You can even add a music track to the slideshow from the YouTube library and Upload it to your channel.

These are some of the YouTube tricks that you ought to know. Following these, you can significantly enhance your YouTube-watching experience.

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