Shop For The New Launched Sony Cameras Under Mid Range Price

Content creation is on the rise. Look around you, may it be Facebook watch, Youtube, Instagram reels, or more, people are thriving on content. The proper camera setup is required to meet the content creation needs. Sony cameras have never failed their customers when it comes to manufacturing high-end, mid-range cameras. If you are a content creator, you might want to look at the best of Sony cameras because, without a proper camera setup, you can’t go a long way. The competition is pretty stiff out there, and you ought to survive it. 

Yes, we feel you! Hence, we have listed down some newly launched Sony cameras that will not cause a massive hole in your pocket. However, if you are in need of a best camera setup from Sony yet are worried about the price, don’t be! Yup, you’ve read it right, you don’t need to worry because now you can buy costly Sony cameras by availing yourself of a no-cost EMI scheme from the EMI store, enthralling, no? Let’s get started now: 

  • Sony ZV-E 10: This is the first-ever interchangeable camera from Sony cameras. This uber-cool camera has vloggers at heart. It has an articulating selfie screen with feather touch options. Its capability to capture 4K videos seamlessly adds to the charm of the camera. The camera also has headphone and microphone ports, along with a wide range of additional accessories to make videography a fun-filled activity. It includes a handgrip and a myriad of high-end microphones to ensure top-notch quality sound in the videos. The price of this 24 MP mirrorless camera is roughly 52,000 INR. It allows you to shoot videos silently, and it comes with a CMOS sensor type to glam up the 4K videos. 
  • Sony ZV-1: Earlier, Sony cameras launched Sony ZV-1 for vloggers. The camera price ranges between 67,990 to 77,990 INR depending on the camera accessories you would like to add to the kit. If you are looking for top-quality live video streaming, this camera is the “one” for you from Sony cameras. Now you can shoot like a professional and instantly share the videos. The camera helps to produce videos having crisp details even in low-light conditions. So, you can capture the moments whenever, wherever! The 1.0-type CMOS sensor and wide-aperture lens help create videos with professional background bokeh with just one push of a button. 
  • Sony Alpha ILCE-6000Y (SELP1650 and SEL55210) Mirrorless Camera: Let us now talk about a camera that can help you click some brilliant stills. This is one of the best Sony cameras available at a steal deal in the market. The price of this one is 53,990 INR. The specifications will have you glued… let us tell you why. The resolution of this camera is 1920×1080 Pixels (1080p HD),640×480 Pixels (VGA). The sensor is CMOS that helps in producing vibrant pictures. The type of this camera is mirrorless. Yes, you can easily take shots even in challenging low-light conditions. However, if you want noise-free pictures, use this camera in daylight. The Bionz X processor and the 179 autofocus points help to speed up the image processing and quickening the autofocusing. If you are eyeing a product that ensures value for money, this camera is perfect for you; choose it blindly! 
  • Sony Alpha ILCE-7S Mirrorless Camera: This top player from Sony cameras is available at 99,471 INR (only the body). This is a tad bit costlier because it belongs to the professional Alpha series. It supports a wide range of lenses. However, you have to pay for the lens separately. If you are a serious photographer or a hobbyist, you can buy this one owing to the simple reason that this camera comes with exciting features that will only help you click brilliants stills. This falls under the category of mid-range Sony cameras. So, your requirement for something worth the price is right here. No need to make a hefty down payment. Choose the no-cost EMI scheme at the EMI store and pay easy monthly installments that won’t affect your monthly budget as much. 
  • Alpha 7 III with 35 mm full-frame image sensor: The cost of the camera body is 1,67,990 INR. If you choose to add the 28-70mm zoom lens, the overall cost of the camera setup will be 1,82,490 INR. It is true that this camera focuses more on perfection and enhances the beauty of every little detail as seen by the naked eyes. Of course, your budget is a factor. So, opt for this one on the no-cost EMI scheme and go on a clicking spree. 

You have the list right with you; what else are you waiting for? You can well-understand what is best for you, for Sony has brought a plethora of Sony cameras options you can explore. Now, let your imagination touch the sky with sophisticated & high-end cameras from Sony. 

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