Signs of Balding & its stages- What to do if your head becomes bald?

As you know, in the life cycle of an individual hair, several stages are distinguished: growth, transition phase and loss. Under the influence of various factors, the duration of these phases can change, which leads to severe hair loss and balding. This problem occurs in both men and women, and treatment success largely depends on the timeliness of seeking qualified, competent help. This ailment affects both men and women at any age, but more often after 50 years. And the older the person, the more intense the disease manifests itself. It is why it is essential to know what to do with hair loss and treat baldness. You must attention to signs of balding.

How to determine the stage of balding?

The insidiousness of the hair loss process is that this process is gradual. Quite often, people do not notice for a long time that their hair is thinning. There is a large amount of hair on the head, and the loss of some of them is not conspicuous.

The first signs of the problem:

  1. When you comb your hair, a lot of hair remains on the comb.
  2. Hair remains on the pillow after sleep.
  3. Hair collects in large quantities on the drain grate when you shower.
  4. Hair remains everywhere: in the apartment on the floor, on the back of a chair, on clothes.
  5. The previous hair volume has noticeably decreased.
  6. New hair is noticeably thinner and fluffier.
  7. Hair began to get dirty and greasy quickly.

How to recognize signs of baldness?

Usually, a person loses from ; it depends on the body’s characteristics and the density of the hair. There are several easy ways to determine if your hair loss is average or a sure sign that your head is balding. It is not necessary to count the hair on the comb; you can take a small strand in your hand and gently pull on it: if ten hairs or more remain in your hands, then it may be time to see a doctor.

Signs of Balding and Stages:  

We are losing hair daily, and this is a normal process. The lifespan of a hair is about three years, after which it dies and falls out, and a new one grows in its place. When should you start worrying?

There are several classifications of stages of hair loss depending on the type, and each type of hair loss has its characteristic features.

The stages of hair thinning on the scalp in both sexes formed the basis of the corresponding classifications of Norwood and Ludwig. According to this taxonomy, seven stages of alopecia are distinguished in men – from thinning to complete hair loss along the forehead line and in the crown region while maintaining hair growth in the occiput and temples.

How can this disease be healed?

Modern cosmetology has come up with several practical and efficient ways to treat alopecia – each of them has its advantages. A specialist trichologist will do the necessary tests and, depending on their result, will advise the necessary method for restoring the hairline.

First of all, the trichologist at the reception will diagnose the problem. For this, the scalp is examined under a magnifying glass and sometimes on a particular device – a trichoscopy. This device also allows you to track the effectiveness of treatment over time. In addition, a spectral analysis of hair is carried out, which makes it possible to establish a shortage (or excess) of certain microelements in the body. The micronutrient deficiency can and should be corrected with the help of particular medications.

You also have the option of reaching out to the best digital healthcare platforms like numan in this digitised world, where a team of health experts and clinicians is available to give you the right hair care advice.

The treatment method is selected based on the stage of the disease, the characteristics of the patient’s body. The wishes of the patient himself are also taken into account.

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