Slots by MGA Games Are Now Starring World-Known DJs

Top Spanish slot games developer MGA Games recently marked the MGA Games Day 2021, where the company’s 2022 Strategic Plan was announced. The plan entails creating more than 50 international games featuring famous personalities in the target markets. The company has been producing celebrity-themed slot games for quite some time now, following their resolve to combine innovation and localization as they expand to different markets across the globe.

This current strategy will see successful DJs from different jurisdictions featured on the MGA reels with their ‘In Session’ series of slots online. The DJ-themed online slots are being released in their respective target jurisdictions simultaneously and will be made available in licensed casinos in regions. Music has always enticed slot fans, and pulling their heartstrings with the right DJ in the electronic music genre may be just the trick to keep the reels spinning. Three of the DJ-themed slots are already out and are available in some regulated casinos in the intended markets. Let’s take a quick look at some of the top-3 most immersive DJ-themed releases that you can enjoy from MGA Games. 

1.Diego Miranda in Session

DJ Diego Miranda is a highly acclaimed Portuguese Disc jockey and producer who has won awards from his career as a House music DJ. The Diego Miranda In Session slot game is meant to appeal to the Portuguese punter and some international fans who enjoy electronic music. It’s a 5-reel, 3-row slot machine featuring familiar symbols, including DJ controllers, headphones, microphones and, of course, card values representing the lower playing icons.

As soon as you fire up the reels, your ears will be caressed by the featured music, and you’ll immediately be lifted into a fantastic Diego Miranda live session. Further, MGA Games threw in a couple of power-up features to match the mind-blowing, music-filled atmosphere, including 4 mini-games and a bonus round. As a result, you enjoy a mix of unforgettable entertainment and a multitude of chances to line your pockets with attractive payouts. Given that the slot game is part of the Portuguese Celebrities localized slot series, the entire presentation of the game, including the audio and texts, are in Portuguese.

2. DJ In Session

The DJ In Session casino slot is the new addition to the Colombia Celebrities slot series and is specially designed for the Colombian punter. Everything about the game is localized for the Columbian market, and anyone who likes the culture will have a blast. The electronic music here seems to be fashioned after the renowned Baum Festival, which has been attracting both local and international DJs since its debut in 2015. Launch the 5-reel slot, and if you’re keen enough, you’ll get a glimpse of the much-loved DJ B Jones on the decks as you try to rack up as many wins as you can.

3. B Jones In Session

DJ B Jones has established her brand worldwide, and it’s no wonder why this slot, which comes as part of the Spanish Celebrities slots, is also dedicated to a global player pool. As a result, the hitter is available in both Spanish and English languages. In her career, B Jones has performed at clubs and festivals in North America, Europe and the Middle East, creating a massive following that savours her deejaying prowess. When you think of Ibiza and music in the same line, she will definitely pop up somewhere along the way. 

Like its counterparts from MGA Games, the 5-reel DJ B Jones slot is not just about the music. You’ll certainly not leave the party empty-handed as the title comes with 4 mini-games that will help you unlock thirst-quenching goodies as you jive on the dancefloor. Aside from the card symbols, players should watch out for symbols such as headphones, speaker systems and DJ launchpads, as they are key to unlocking massive rewards.

Leading-edge Innovation to Reel-in New Markets

At the end of the day, fans want easy and highly rewarding gameplay to accompany high-quality graphics and an engaging soundtrack. For this reason, the MGA Games DJ-themed slots have the 243 ways to win mechanic incorporated along with the free spin rounds and win multipliers. The slots also have medium volatility, which is what the majority of players usually go for as they provide a mix of consistent small wins and occasional big wins. And given that electronic music is a favourite, especially in the European market, there is a high chance that the slots will do well. 

During the event briefing, the MGA Games team revealed that the company intends to expand to Italy, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. After 20 years of producing some of the best slots with an emphasis on the Spanish market, it’s great to see them start to think outside the box and let the rest of the world in on the fun. To ensure that they hit the ground running in the new markets, they plan to tailor all their games to fit the needs of the gamblers in specific markets. We can’t wait to see what the slots provider has in mind for the rest of the world.

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