Striking the right chord with these jewellery pieces

Jewellery is the tool used to decorate, accentuate, and celebrate oneself. You can adorn jewellery without the confines of prejudice and the chains of judgement. For years, jewellery has been used by men and women alike to express love and gratitude, strengthen bonds, and capture memories. A particular neckpiece indicates that you are married, while a certain piece is said to bring you luck. Some jewellery is said to protect you from evil, while some bring prosperity and good luck. There are a variety of reasons that one might feel inclined to wear these glittery trinkets. The love for fashion and making a statement is one of the things that can drive you too.

Jewellery is used to make your abstract feelings tangible. If you gift someone a piece of jewellery, it shows that you have poured your good wishes and positive thoughts for the person into it. You can find a gold ring under 5000 rupees online to gift the one you love.

Let us look at some unconventional jewellery that has a deeper meaning for most of us.

1. Amulet – An amulet is a charm that is said to bring you good luck. It is said to protect you against negative energy and any kind of danger. Amulets have been worn for ages by people all over the world. There is no specific thing or one item that can be described as an amulet. It is a collection of items enclosed in glass, leather or even a metal case. These are generally worn around the neck as a necklace as the case can be a little bulky. It is easy to get an amulet or a necklace online in India which can be ordered and delivered to your doorstep. An amulet is said to bring you all good things in life if you keep wearing it.

2. Armlet – Armlets are ornamental bands that look like bangles and are worn around the arm, between the shoulder and the elbow. Armlets are famous in India and are especially worn on wedding days. They are bands with intricate designs made up of precious metals. For daily use, there are a lot of options available online. Amulets made up of copper, brass or a rose gold finish with modern designs are trending.

3. Hairpins – Believer it or not, hairpins can be very handy if used with the right clothes and on the right occasion. A delicate pearl or diamond hairpin can add to your grace and elegance. A hairpin can be used to keep your hair in place and at the same time accentuate your hairstyle. These are effective accessories for an evening event. A hair comb is a bigger pin with gorgeous designs made with pearls and studs used to secure your tresses and lend you a glow.

4. Nose pins or rings – Nose pins and rings are a part of a long history of body piercings. People have been using these for centuries and there is sufficient evidence to prove so. Nose pins can start from a simple stud and progress to the heavy and nose rings adorned by brides. A simple and thin ring of gold can transform your face.

Every piece of jewellery is meaningful if it makes you feel beautiful!

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