Styling the Tan Straw Hat Look for Men

Summer is here is what you must be thinking right now. But hot and sultry weather calls for cool and airy wear. You want to look your best even with the basic essential things, which can sound challenging while it doesn’t have to be so. Some must-have summer accessories like straw hats can be the ultimate fashion savior. Or, if you wear them right, they can augment your style. So, if your summer wardrobe is not ready yet, get everything along. Then, shop for your straw hat. You would instinctively know your hat color. Most men find tan hats to be their best companions. What do you think of this shade? Of course, it is safe, attractive, rich, and versatile.

With a tan straw fedora hat, you can visualize many outfit looks and nail them too. Since shorts and a full sleeve or half sleeve shirt combination are pretty ordinary, let’s focus on full pants and build something around them. These can be your savvy go-to summer appearance. So, there you go!

The true blue magic

You can pick any deep blue comfy-fit pair of trousers, don a half-sleeve light blue vertical striped shirt, and wear your tan fedora. Or, you can match the trouser with a white round neck t-shirt with black horizontal lines and a blue blazer while rounding it off with your tan straw hat. Both these styles honor the summer mood. At the same time, you will turn everyone’s head no matter where you go on the streets. People will be curious and admire your entire outfit for keeping up the balance between casual and classiness. Just don’t forget your tan suede loafers. From top to bottom, the style should be able to hold itself without causing any distraction.

The loyal jeans look

Guys cannot stay away from this garment. Whether in a hurry or not, this fundamental piece of clothing always tops their style agenda. It is agreeable also; after all, it is low maintenance. You don’t have to run for your garment steamer to straighten those creases, which can make you look pretty scattered and out of place. And if you like to be prim even in your most casual attire, it can be the last thing you would want to happen. So, let’s plan this simple, typical, yet charming man or boy look now.

When you have blue jeans and a tan straw hat in your wardrobe, you need a floral printed half-sleeve shirt, a crew-neck striped t-shirt, an olive long sleeve t-shirt, or something like this to amplify your presence. However, the color of the jeans doesn’t have to be blue. Even green, gray, black, and others can also go with your tan hat. Just pay attention to your footwear. To be on the safe side, you can pick any casual pair in brown or tan. But if you desire to add oomph to your summer look, low-top white leather sneaker shoes or a beige canvas material can do the needful.  Matching a tan summer fedora hat with these can be a slightly bold move, but you can confidently approach this.

So, are you planning to spend your weekend with friends? Hopefully, your hat and other garments are in place. If not, visiting for men’s hat collections and other retailers for your shoes and clothing can be helpful.

The crisp, versatile manly look

When you crave to add a touch of suaveness to your otherwise casual wardrobe, you can pick your double-breasted blazer, a tan straw headwear, a tie, a white pair of trousers, and a white full sleeve shirt. It would lend sober but assured energy to your fashion sense. Or, you can embrace dapperness even in your most casual clothes doing away with that restrained aura.  If you don’t trust it, try to assemble a mint suit and tan fedora summer look. A pair of black leather loafers can give the finishing touch to your ensemble.

The semi-smart fashionable attire

Of course, a straw hat borrows its sense of formals from the fedora style. To leverage its semi-casual charm, you can style your outfit in many ways. For example, imagine yourself in a light yellow suit, a tan straw hat, and sophisticated brown leather loafers. It can be the perfect modern gentleman style that oozes performance with a hint of casual flair.

Essentially, the options are so majestic that you can never run out of ideas. For every outing, daily or weekend, you can come up with something unique to draw the envious gaze of your fellow age groups and others. The soaring temperature will not be able to beat the hotness of your personality. And don’t worry about the heat. The straw hat is there to shield your head and face from unwanted sunlight. When it is there, you can keep your cool and let your looks talking.

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