The 5 Best Tools to Download Movies from Streaming and Torrenting Sites

You might be fed up with watching movies on the internet, because sometimes most of the streaming sites you visit are free or failing that these streaming sites have ads on players, yet even legal streaming sites do not. do not offer to download because it would be against their rules. So, in this article, I present to you the 5 best tools to download movies, series and any video content from streaming sites, torrent sites or any site offering video content such as Facebook or YouTube.

What must be done to watch a movie offline, without the internet?

The principle is simple, when you want to watch a movie offline, just download it, and to do so we will see together the best tools that will allow you to download unlimited movies on your PC or Smartphone, in different qualities, HD, FULL HD and 4K, but it depends on the uploader.

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What software do I need to download movies or videos?

1. Flash video downloader: Extension for Chrome

Thanks to the “Flash video downloader” extension module of the Google Chrome browser, you can download videos, and even streams from iptv, streaming, netflix, hulu and itv sites. Turn your Chrome browser into an online video downloading machine with The Flash Downloader extension.

2. Video DownloadHelper: Extension for Firefox

Video DownloadHelper is a utility for downloading videos from the Firefox browser. It allows downloading any video content from any website. It is similar to Flash video downloader from Google Chrome and they work the same. 

3. Internet Download Manager: Windows application

Internet Download Manager, commonly known as “IDM”, is a better download manager on Windows. Internet Download Manager includes an extension module that can be activated in almost all known browsers such as Chrome, FireFox, Opera… etc. Once its extension is enabled on a browser, a ” Download this video file ” button will   float above any audio-video content, giving you the option to download that file. 

4.µTorrent: Multi-platform

Downloading a movie with uTorrent is as easy as saying hello, that is what you will have to do is first download the uTorrent software on your Windows, Mac, Android or Linux smartphone.

5. IDM: Mobile application

IDM is a best download manager on Android. It allows you to download any file: software, films, music, videos… etc. Its advantage is that it supports torrent downloading. Another advantage is that it comes with a full browser where you can easily navigate while you download. Its integrated browser allows it in particular to refresh an expired link to resume a pending download.

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