The Differences Between No Goalscorer And 0-0 In Football Betting

When it comes to the wonderful world of gambling there are many nuances and traps that beginners can easily fall into. The slang and jargon surrounding gambling can confuse even the most veteran of gamblers at times. It can get particularly confusing now with bookmakers offering an insane amount of markets and different types of bets. Luckily for you, we have a helpful guide to differentiate some of the more similar bets. In this article we are going to take a look at the differences between no goalscorer and 0-0 in football betting.

The difference?

The main difference between these bets is that own goals do not count for goalscorers markets. This essentially means that if there is a goal in the game the game would no longer be 0-0 and so the 0-0 bet would lose, but the no goalscorer bet would win due to the fact there has been a goal but it does not count on the market when it is an own goal.

It must be said that both of these styles of betting are not only encouraging boring football (which no-one wants to do!) but are also playing against the probabilities massively. Under 10% of league games end up in 0-0 draws, with even less happening in the cup. That is not to say they do not happen, but they rarely do, working out in the premier league around every 13 games that there is a 0-0 draw.

If the odds are the same, just back no goalscorer

The enticing thing about these kinds of bets is that they tend to have quite long odds which can encourage people to bet on them. Bookmakers either don’t care about these bets because of their limited chance of actually coming off, or are privy to some people finding gaps in their markets. Either way, they tend to price these markets exactly the same.

When the odds are the same between these two types of bets you are almost always better going for the no goalscorer bet. It gives you that little bit extra insurance of a winner in the rarity that there is a game which ends up being decided by own goals only. This has happened recently to be fair, with Man United beating West Ham by 1-0 thanks to an own goal. This means that if the odds are the same you have that extra assurance that you can win easier if you go no goalscorer.

Does it matter what goalscorer market I use?

When it comes to goalscorers markets there are a huge number of variables you can explore but the market is mainly split into first, last and anytime goalscorers. These variables tend to be priced differently and are explored by a large number of people every week. But when it comes to no goalscorer bets, it doesn’t matter which goalscorer market you use, they all apply the same way.

Should I back the 0-0 if the odds are longer?

Ultimately it’s up to yourself if you think that it will pay off but it’s important to remember the bang for your buck issue here. Whilst the odds may be slightly different, you have to weigh up if it is worth sacrificing a tenner extra profit by only going for 0-0 when you could have won £80 but only got £70 instead due to shorter odds. With the longer odds you could have got the extra tenner but are much more likely to lose the complete wager as such few matches are decided by an own goal.

We hope this clears at least some of the confusion surrounding these very similar but very different bets for anyone struggling with them. Now you can use one of these bets in this week’s predictions to try and grab yourself some winners.

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