The Game that has got all the Eyeballs in the Minimum Time- The Valorant!

Valorant debuted in 2020, and since it launched itself in the gaming zone, there has been no looking back for the makers of the game. The game has already got a lot of hype, all owning to its popularity among passionate gamers. On an average, the game is gaining 13 to 15 million players each month, and that is quite a lot of hype for any new game in the market.

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Surprisingly, Valorant is free to download game and that’s a plus for a lot of players who are passionate about gaming. You Can Also Buy Valorant Accounts

However, the game is only available for PC with windows operating system, the Mac users and console users are still unlucky for the said purpose. Moreover, the makers might introduce the game for Mac and console in the time to come.

Since Valorant is available only for PC, this news has been disappointing a lot of individuals. People want to play this popular first person shooter game on their mobile with the ease to access the game whenever required. The makers of the game on the other hand have already said that the mobile version of the game will be introduced soon, however, the time it would take isn’t sure yet.

The game’s first international tournament is all set to begin, and this is the right time for the pro players to give tough competition to their fellow players. Besides this there is plenty of rotating seasonal content being introduced for the gamers consistently. With all the new updates and upgrading intents, Valorant is sure to stay long and bring a lot of surprises for gamers who are addicted to the first person shooting games.

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