The Secrets to Marketing in the Gaming Industry

If someone told you even 10 years ago you could make money playing video games, would you have believed them? And where would the money come from? Well, as with all businesses, most revenue comes from advertising. Word of mouth, online ads, and even white paper marketing are just as relevant today as they have ever been since online play became commonplace. 

Visit any website and what do you see? You of course get your page, but you also so a border with ads, some related to the subject of your search, some not. Take a walk through the aisles of the online casino lastschrift. There are just as many ads as there are games available. Marketing is key to getting your game noticed. And a game with buzz gets the right attention. The gaming industry knows this and uses it with expert skill.

Strategies Worth Knowing

Do you know what an influencer is? Ultimately, it is a random person who has gained notoriety on a medium like YouTube, and cultivated a fan base. These fans buy products, take advise, and in some cases base their decisions, all on the influencer of their choice. And some influencers are good, and some are a little off, but what they all have is followers. 

This is another way the gaming industry has raised the marketing bar. Hiring people to become influencers in the gaming industry has given a voice to the common gamer, and a platform to open the eyes of their followers to new and exciting options. And just like in video games, there are even influencers in online gambling. 

Another way marketing in the gaming industry has shifted is the age of the target audience. 64% of Americans play games on a device, they start as early as 13, and sometimes, even younger. Marketing used to be only geared toward adults. But now, kids and adults alike enjoy an afternoon of gaming. 

But neither of these truly demonstrate how much the gaming industry has changed. One big shift is the benevolent acts by the gaming industry itself. Large gaming companies sponsor charities, while others champion events to get entire families involved. And in casino gaming, marketing dollars are spent to prevent gambling addiction and abuse. You wouldn’t have seen that even 20 years ago. 

Video marketing

Video marketing is based on a system of creating goals and providing users with rewards. This creates a feedback loop in which users return to the game as a way to relieve stress and experience the dopamine kick that occurs when a game goal is achieved. 

This system is also used in marketing. It’s called gamification and is a way of offering users rewards for performing desired actions. 

You can use a loyalty program by creating points that can be used for future purchases. You can use a spinning wheel as an element of gamification. It will pop up when you go to the site. Users would be able to “spin” the online wheel on which a prize would pop up. They can then access the prize, such as a discount or a free trial, by adding their email address. 

Gamification is a proven and effective way to achieve marketing goals. Get inspired by video games to improve audience interaction with your brand. 


The potential of the gaming industry to market effectively is incredible. But how they decide to market is key. How you market is all about finding your target-rich environment. For kids, video games are perfect. Online gaming is a multi-billion-dollar industry. And for adults, online casinos are what many folks use to blow off steam. It’s like fishing. You just need the right bait for what you are trying to catch. Have you had any success with marketing or been enticed by marketing in the gaming industry?

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