Lawn mower also known as grass cuter uses one or sometimes more blades when cutting grass to an even height. As an operator, you adjust the height to which you will be cutting the grass. You can get a lawn mower which during its usage you will have to walk behind it as lawn mowers lack a propelling capability.

In other times you will get the commercial lawn movers in which upon the usage you can sit on them and ride on the mover, which in this case is usually in form of a small tractor and the use is usually in large field areas


You can classify lawn mowers into the following main categories

1. Cylinder lawn mower

This type of lawn mower gets its name from the fact that its blades are in what appears to be a cylindrical bed, upon which you can adjust them to a certain desired height for which you shall be cutting the grass.

2. Rotary mower

You will find that the rotary lawn mower has its blade rotating on a vertical axis and that in many cases it will leave you with a rough cut hence, therefore, you will have to set the blades at a much higher level than in case you were using the cylinder mover that in order not have discoloration on the grass

3. Hover mower

With this type of mower, you will realize that it uses an impeller above the spinning blades with therefore drives air downwards creating an air cushion that ends up lifting the mower a little above the ground, and as an operator, you can then move the mower over the grass.


  1. When not in a use lawn mower can be dangerous due to their spinning blades, therefore, you will find that most of them come with a switch to turn them off so that they cannot hurt anyone including children
  2. In addition, when using lawn mower and because the blades are constantly spinning during the cutting of the grass you have to wear protective footwear as a slight contact of your feet with the mower blade might cause an accident that in other cases would have been prevented
  3. Being that lawn mower is machine is a delicate kind of machine you will therefore find it necessary that children should not play around with the mower until they come of age and can be careful when operating the mower.F95zone is a platform where you can discovery tons of great games and cartoons, make new friends, join in active debates and more.


  1. You will realize that constant use of lawn mower might damage your hearing capability as the noise produced by the mower is usually high, in most cases, it is advised to user hear productive to be safe during the mowing
  2. You also will learn that the amount of emission produced by the lawn mower pollutes the air much and therefore it is really important to turn off the mower as soon as you are done with the mowing of your grass
  3. Finally, you will notice that mowing also destroys the grass and sometimes even the grass upon which mowing is being done


You will find the following to be part of most of the lawn movers that you will come across

  1. Blade mounting
  2. Mower blades
  3. Engine
  4. Wheels

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