Tips On How To Pluck Your Human Hair Bundles

Do you remember noticing a few grey strands on your mother’s head and belly being able to stop yourself from plucking them off? Yes, we have all been there, haven’t we? Although plucking natural grey hair may seem like a petty job, it isn’t when it comes to your bundles.

It is very important to pluck your human hair wig before use. By plucking your wig hair, you can make it look more realistic and authentic. Moreover, it can help in protecting your natural hairline. Since hair plucking can be a little complex, most women prefer purchasing a pre-plucked hair wig. But you need not have to spend more of your money behind purchasing a plucked weave.

To properly pluck your human hair bundles, you will need a wide-toothed and narrow-toothed comb, hair mousse, tweezers and a mannequin head. You can then simply follow the given guide and pluck your weave by yourself.

Step one

Comb your hair properly, middle part it and put it in a bun. Then click a picture of your natural hairline. This can act as a guide for plucking your hair correctly.

Step two

Take your human hair sew in weave and place it on the mannequin head. Then draw out your natural hairline on it. This will help you understand your boundaries while plucking. You may want to properly part your hair before plucking.

Step three

Section out the front of the hair and gather the rest of it. Then make a ponytail out of it. Ensure that the ponytail is tight. This can help in preventing your hair from tangling.

Step four

Side part the front section of your hair and get ready to pluck. Do not worry about the width, as it need not be consistent.

Step five

You may also change hair partings and continue plucking until you reach your desired look. This will make it look more natural and elegant.

Step six

One of the most important things to check about your hair wig is any uneven patches. You may notice that one zone is denser than others. In this step, you need to properly pluck and blend the hair bundles according to your natural hair. This will make it look like your original hair.

Step seven

Once done, properly install your hair bundles. Make sure to tuck it well and properly adjust the clips. You may then flaunt your hair wig as much as you want to.

If you think your UNice wig might get damaged if you use tweezers, you may simply use your nails. But make sure to not forcibly pull out strands if they do not come off easily. However, if you do not have a mannequin head, the plucking procedure may get immensely complicated.

In such a scenario, lay your hair weave on a plain platform and pluck it out. This can help you attain your desired, effortless look in a matter of few minutes.

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