Top 5 Historic Teams Should Be in NBA 2K22

With NBA 2K22 is under the corner, more and more news and remors about the new basketall simulation are revealed. In this guide, we are going to be discussing five historic teams that they should add to NBA 2K22. Let’s get straight into it.

Top 5. 2016–17 Boston Celtics

Number five we’re the 2016–17 Boston Celtics led by Isaiah Thomas was averaging 29 points per game on good efficiency, considering that he is 5’9. This team had a 53-29 record which topped a rather West Eastern conference and their roster had the likes of Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Jay Crowder, AL Horford and Marcus Smart to name a few as we said before this was Isaiah Thomas’s best year in the NBA and it was the year before he was traded for Karyoving. This Boston team lost in the conference finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers in five games, now the reason to add this team is that Isaiah Thomas has kind of taken a fall from grace after he was traded also looking at the likes of Jalen Brown has developed into a great NBA player from his 6.6 points per game rookie year, and players like AI Horford haven’t been the same kind of sense, so it would be good just to add this team to NBA 2K22.

Top 4. 2014-15 Atlanta Hawks

Now heading into number four, it is a 2014-15 Atlanta Hawks which had a record of 60 and 22. This team had four all-stars with them being AI Horford, Paul Millsap, Jeff Teague and also Kyle Korver. The Hawks also reached their first ever conference finals this year, however it would result in a full game sweep against the Lebron led Cleveland Cavaliers, which made the Atlanta Hawks the first seed to get swept in the NBA playoffs since the detroit pistons of 2003. This team featured the likes of the four stars along with Damari Carroll, Dennis Stroder, Thub Tabo Cevalosa, Kent Bazemore, Mark Scott, Elton Brand and Mike Muscala to name a few. Now a lot of these names you’ve just heard are already in 2K whether that be MyTeam (learn how to buy MT 2K22 for getting high rated cards in the game mode) or another classic roster, so it does seem quite likely that 2K can add this team and as they have quite a few teams from that time period such as the Golden State Warriors, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Spurs, it would be worth them adding these players in to make a bit of competition and also a rookie Dennis Schroeder would be interesting to see in the NBA 2K22, and it would just make the game feel a bit more complete this is probably one of the most successful Atlanta Hawks teams there ever was.

Top 3. 2005 Indiana Pacers

At the third spot on this list, we have the 2005 Indiana Pacers. Now before the season began, many people saw the Pacers as a favorite to make it out of the Eastern Conference and possibly make it to the NBA finals, this was due to a very deep roster that included names such as Reggie Miller who was in his final year in the NBA, Jermaine O’neill, Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson and Jamal Tinsley. However this team finished with a 44-38 record largely due to the malice that the palace which occurred at Auburn Hills on in November of 2004, which resulted in heavy suspensions to key players like Ron Artest and Germain O’neill, and it kind of ended their hopes at really contending. But they’ll coach by Rick Carlisle and the team actually managed to rally together to actually make the playoffs after the key players were suspended, however it didn’t mean much as they lost in the conference semifinals to the Detroit Piston. There are a few reasons to add this team into the NBA 2K22, it was Reggie Mills last year in the NBA ending a long career, Ronald Test was averaging just under 25 points per game. And the fact that the Mouse and the Palace happened on this year and affect this team so much and are following the season this team broke up, and a lot of changes happened it would be good to add that team into the game, just to kind of capture that snippet of a moment in Indiana Pacers history.

Top 2. 2009 Orlando Magic

The second team on this list which is a 2009 Orlando Magic. This team was led by a Prime Dwight Howard who was averaging 21 MT points per game and 14 rebounds per game as well, this team had a 59 and 23 record and dethroned the previous season’s NBA champion Boston Celtics in seven games in the conference semi-finals, however it wouldn’t mean much as they made at the NBA finals and were pummeled by the Lakers in five games. But with that being said, a lot of people forget how good Dwight Howard was, as he won the NBA defensive player of the year award becoming the youngest ever NBA player to win the award, and also the first magic player to win the award in NBA history as well. The roster as a whole include the likes of Ajito Turkloo, Rashad Lewis, Jamir Nelson, Courtney Lee and also a young J.J Reddick. A large amount of these players on the roster are already in NBA 2K, so 2K Sports would simply just have to add the uniform and the court and just simply make the roster for us to use, they’ll certainly have at least nine to ten players which makes it worth putting into the NBA 2K22.

Top 1. 2009 Los Angeles Lakers

Now on to the first place team on the list which is the 2009 Los Angeles Lakers, this was Kobe Bryant’s first title after Shaquille O’neal left the Lakers and it was also the season after a painful loss in the finals against the Boston Celtics. This 2009 championship team has more licensed players than the team in 2010 which makes it more likely for NBA 2K to put it in NBA 2K22. The ross is only missing two to three key pieces which is Andrew Barnum, Shannon Brown, and then Sasha Vlojic who knocked down clutch free throws a year later to give the lakers another title. This team won 65 games as they are coached by Phil Jackson, with Palkasol averaging 19 points and 10 rebounds after making his way across from Memphis of inner trade and then Kobe Bryant averaging 27, 5 and 5 in a typical year for him, this was the season they beat the Orlando Magic in five games and Kobe Bryant was given the finals MVP award after a great series. If this team was in 2K21, it would be the most recent Lakers historic team and we think that the Lakers are overdue for another team to be added following their 2004 loss in the finals to the Detroit Pistons which was given a team in the game. Now this team would sell copies as honors Kobe Bryant and it’s just another team which we feel that a lot of people believe should be in the NBA 2K22.

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