Top 5 Tips to Wear a Hat with Confidence and Style

Hats are a very underrated and stunning accessory that automatically adds style to any outfit. If worn incorrectly, however, they can transform your cute look into a mess. Some women are intimidated by hats, as they’re unsure which hat to wear or how to make it look good. Fortunately, it isn’t difficult at all to include a hat as a part of a super stylish outfit.

There haven’t been as many opportunities to dress up of late, in this virtual world we’re still becoming accustomed to. That virtual world includes such venues we typically dress up to visit, such as casinos. You can always put on your finest hat at home, of course, while watching your computer or a live dealer spin the roulette wheel online. Just make sure to check out these guys to get a nice bonus if you do. Now here are those five tips you came here for.

Thank About the Season

Each hat has an appropriate season. While, in many cases, you can wear clothes out of season, wearing a particular hat at the wrong time of year is harder to get away with. When you’re wearing a hat that looks out of place in the weather, it’s hard to miss. If you have a passion for beanies, try a lighter crocheted beret in the summer. When you can’t let go of your floppy beach hat in September, try to console yourself with a fedora during fall and winter. These changes are easy and they ensure you rand you hat remain in season all-year-round.

Consider Lock Length

The length of your locks do matter when you wear a hat. No, whether your hair is short, long, or somewhere in-between doesn’t mean you can’t wear a particular hat. Your hair length just means that you should choose a hat with your current hairstyle in mind.

If you’re wearing a pixie style or a bob cut, go for a hat that sits far back on your head, and at an angle so that you don’t look like you lack any hair on your head at all. A medium-length hairstyle is a good fit for a fedora, as they balance each other out with ease. The majority of hats work well with longer hairstyles. Long hair, however, has the potential to look excessively voluminous and heavy with a hat. You could always pin some of your hair back or simply wear it straight to help maintain the balance.

Create the Right Hairstyle

You also need to consider your hairstyle. Some hat types add volume and work better with tamer hairstyles. Some hats can give your hair that flat look and work best with a voluminous hairstyle. If you’re looking to add extra volume underneath a beret or beret, separate it into two braids for a quirky and cute finish.  To maintain a nice, sleek finish under a wide-brimmed hat, fedora, or baseball cap, either leave your hair natural or straighten it.

Go for a Simple Look

While you might want to for a glam look like this one, you should look to make your hat your statement piece. The remainder of your outfit can look simpler, which ensures your hat has the desired effect. Solid colours work best with a hat, even with those hats that lack busy patterns. Your jewellery should be delicate, and you’ll need to avoid busy accessories and earrings in general. Your hat alone should be the show-stealer.

Be Creative

You can easily express your personality by wearing a hat. You can step out of your comfort zone and get creative with the right hat for you. Don’t limit yourself to beanies and fedoras because you fear looking different than everyone else.

Newsboy caps can give you that whimsical finish. And you don’t need to be on stage to pull one off. Ultimately, It doesn’t matter what kind of hat you wear. Just use it to express your individual style and really ramp up your confidence levels.

Hats can transform a simple outfit into a complete look. Benefit from their transformative power and use them as a means of adding instant style and glam to your outfit.

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