Ways to Style Gents Kurta with Pajama

Kurta pyjama is one of the most favoured dresses in South Asian nations, especially in India. From formal occasions to festivals, men prefer to wear it on the majority of occasions.

But did you know that the combinations of these dresses, apart from being popular, are also versatile? More importantly, did you know that there are several combinations with which you could wear both these dresses?

Whether you wear kurtas with cuffs or collars, you can be in the limelight of all occasions if you attend them in the combinations of a kurta and pyjama given below.

1. Wedding Kurta Pajama

Wedding kurta pyjamas share an inseparable relationship with silk. Perhaps this is the reason for which the majority of pyjamas involve silk fabric. Because silk appears elegant, it is often referred to as the “queen of fabrics”.

Golden silk of wedding kurta looks good when paired with a pair of churidar. By trying out this combination, featuring a wedding kurta with a mandarin collar, you can achieve the royal look, which aptly reflects the atmosphere of a wedding party. You can further enhance your look with a clean shave.

2. Cotton Kurta Pajama

The aspect of length is a hallmark feature of cotton kurta pyjamas. Perhaps this explains why it comes across in variable lengths. Another prominent feature of these outfits is that they are suitable for all seasons.

The mandarin collar-featured kurtas make for an outstanding combination when you wear them with chino pants. While it may look a little unconventional, anything new that has not been commonplace before makes for a modern style statement.

3. Fancy Kurta Pajama

Like women, most men also intend to choose dresses that would make them look distinct or unique. Intricate embroidery characterized by fancy kurta pyjama plays a crucial role in this connection. Because this form of embroidery reflects uniqueness, you can achieve a unique look by pairing a fancy kurta with light bottoms.

This combination produces a contrasting effect with which you can use accessories such as a black watch, tassel store, or a mojaris. This outfit looks the best with a short haircut.

4. Printed Kurta Pajama

Do you wish to add colours to your traditional or modern look? Your best bet to do it is to consider different prints and motifs. If you wish to look unique with side slits, mandarin collar, and straight cut, you could add contrasting pyjamas with catchy prints.

On the accessories front, you could put on painted sunglasses. Besides, you could also be a little creative with the choice of footwear by either choosing stylish Kolhapuri or jute shoes.

5. Pathani Kurta Pajama

Pathani kurtas with collared neckline symbolize desi or indigenous fashion. Its length usually stretches down until the knee. Do you wish to achieve both casual and appealing looks with Pathani kurta pyjama? If yes, then you could wear them with black pyjamas.

Most men prefer to use strong perfume with Pathani Kurta Pajama. The accessories that go well with this kind of dress include Pathani juttis and brooch. Additionally, you could also consider wearing a black watch to add more style to your looks.

6. Churidar Kurta Pajama

Churidar Kurta pyjama is the treat for the wedding season. Choose an unbuttoned outfit made of silk to build a lasting impression in others’ minds. A mild fragrance along with naturally set hair perfectly complements churidar kurta pyjama.

The suitable accessories with churidar kurta pyjama include a brown strap watch, wayfarer sunglasses, and mojaris.

7. Bandhgala Kurta Pajama

Who doesn’t want the warm feeling in the winter wedding months? If you are a man who wants to get this feeling, then there is no better option for you as much as the Bandhgala kurta pyjama. Consider choosing the one that has a mandarin collar.

If you love to keep your beard thick and are fond of applying gel to your hair, then both these aspects go well with Bandhgala kurta pyjama. You can consider accessorizing it with brogue shoes, a black watch, and a bright pocket square.

8. Blue Kurta Pajama Worn High-Low

A blue gents kurta pyjama with its high and low length is a perfect match with white pants. Though the combination might give you the feeling of a pre-wedding outfit, it is the perfect choice for all occasions.

You can further enhance your looks by adding accessories such as aviator sunglasses, and a pair of brown shoes. Though optional, you could also consider putting on a crinkled scarf.

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Final thoughts

To sum up, there are exciting possibilities for you to pair kurtas for men with pajamas. To look your best, do not forget to take your hairstyle and other style preferences into consideration while browsing through kurtis online. Now that you have come to know about some of the best ways to pair kurtas for men with pajamas, go ahead and try out one of the suggested styles to see how it goes for you.

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