What are the Best Ways to Optimize your Contact Page?

Most web page owners wait for, or direct part of your traffic to the contact page, especially if they are not an ecommerce site. However, now the question arises: are you sure that your contact page will live up to the expectation of your visitors? How well optimized is the contact page of your website?

Do you find it unnecessary to detract from the credibility of visitors by having a well visible contact area?A contact page has to be well optimized so that users want to contact you. For example, many people hate the long forms on the contact pages, where sometimes even the birth certificate is requested, this also works for ecommerce.

They hate being asked too many questions, and that can make them decide to leave the web. That said, the logical thing is that for customer acquisition services the contact page should be highly optimized.

A long contact form can take a lot of time for visitors to complete. Personal information can be a source of discomfort for some people. The only information they are interested in is about products and services. You will need this personal information as an owner for more conversions, though.

It is imperative that you optimize your customer acquisition services, i.e., plan how your contact page will be designed so that you can increase conversions and now with the help of free form builder it very easy to create contact page or form for a website.

Why you Should Optimize your Contact Page

As I mentioned in the introduction, most people don’t think twice about their contact pages. At most, they just display a simple contact form that allows people to enter their name, email, and message.

If you only receive one or two messages a week through your contact form, you probably don’t have to worry about optimizing that page. But, when your traffic levels start to increase it is definitely something you should consider.

Having both the optimized contact page and the data you receive is very important for your business. We are going to see some tips to carry out this optimization to improve your sales process and increase your customer base.

Contact Forms with Various Designs

The first mistake many websites make is having only one version of their contact form.In order to find out what works best for your website, you must do several A / B tests of texts, buttons, images, etc. Well, your contact form should not be an exception.

  • A / B testing helps us generate a higher percentage of leads and reduce marketing costs, since you will get user data more easily.

Experiment with different versions of your contact form, changing things like:

  • The color
  • Text
  • Number of fields
  • Submit button

There are a number of different tools that you can use to help you break up your contact forms like Adobe target, or Optimize.

But if you are at the stage where you cannot afford to pay for these tools, you can also run your own tests manually. Write down all the changes in an Excel sheet, write down exactly what you have changed and the conversion rates.

The benefits of using paid tools are that your reports will be much more dynamic, insightful, and accurate. They will also save you a lot of time that you can use to focus on what really matters: optimizing your contact forms.

Make your Contact Forms Stand Out

Have you ever visited a website and had difficulty finding the contact form? Maybe it got mixed up with the design, or it’s buried at the bottom of the page, in the footer.

For apartment rental sites, the contact form should be extremely easy to find because you never know when someone will be ready to rent those apartments or send an email asking for more information.

Tips to Make your Contact Forms Stand out:

  • Try not to blend in with the background: If your website has a white background, give the contact form some color to make it more noticeable instead of hiding it.
  • Larger font: It’s okay to give your contact form a slightly larger font than what you use for your regular content. It will put more emphasis on what you want the visitor to do.
  • About above the fold: Your contact form must be “above the fold”, which means that users should not have to scroll down their screen to find it.
  • Emphasize color: People’s eyes are immediately drawn to certain colors. Studies have shown that red in particular tends to convert more (although it seems the opposite). Let your CTA button draw people’s attention to the form.

Be Less Strict with the Required Fields

We have talked about the importance of not exaggerating with the number of fields in the contact forms. But at the same time, we understand that collecting more information can be beneficial to the sales or sales team.

One way to avoid being a nuisance is by making certain fields on the form optional. We’ve all had the experience of trying to fill out a form and get a horrible validation error message because we didn’t fill in every field or didn’t fill it out according to the site’s specifications.

This is a huge drawback that can cause people to give up and decide to leave the web without filling out the form, and worse, lose a sales opportunity.

Leave the fields for people to use, but give them the freedom to fill in as much information as they want without formatting restrictions. For example, requiring hyphens in phone numbers is something that is not necessary at all.

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