What Drives the Growth of the Mobile Gaming Sector?  

Mobile gaming has become one of the pillars of the gaming sector. In fact, the mobile gaming market accounted for a net worth of $98 Billion in 2020, while it’s expected, at this pace, for the sector to hit an outstanding value of $272 Billion by 2030. Below, we will take a closer look at the main factors that promoted this growth.

Time Spent On Mobile Devices 

Based on the latest data, on average, smartphone users are spending over 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on their mobile devices. This provides an ample opportunity for businesses to create mobile apps as well as games that will capture the attention of their target audience and develop a valuable relationship with them.

So, it goes without saying that the mobile gaming sector has leveraged this trend, and there are more developers now investing in high-quality mobile games than ever before. In fact, most mobile games are casual; and have a simple interface that allows casual users to play on the move. This leads us to the next point that the majority of the titles are hyper-casual games, which are appealing to users that just want to have fun on the move.

The online gaming sector is also known for developing mobile-friendly gaming establishments and games of chance. In fact, you can play on mobile-friendly bingo sites and choose from a great range of online bingo bonuses.


One great factor that cannot be overlooked is the convenience of mobile gaming. Prior to the rise of mobile games and internet-enabled mobile devices, it was necessary for users to invest in gaming equipment and gear in order to play any modern video game. But, with the introduction of mobile games, it’s more affordable as well as convenient to download and play mobile games.

So, playing on the move became a viable option with mobile games, and because most of them are free of charge, these made mobile gaming very attractive and accessible to any gamer that wants to play more challenging games or any casual user that wants to play for fun.


Mobile gaming is more affordable because the users can download different games for free; while they already own a smartphone, they use it for other purposes than entertainment. Otherwise, there are mobile games that you can purchase, but generally, the average price of mobile games is around $0.80 in the US.

This is a significantly lower price than purchasing gaming equipment or a video game, so this is another reason why mobile gaming is gaining traction today.

High-Quality Games 

On Google Play, there is an incredible collection of mobile games. Actually, it’s calculated that there are 477,877 titles on Google Play alone in 2021. In addition, users will find many high-quality and award-winning titles, so even though mobile gaming is generally associated with casual games that are easy to play, there are challenging games designed for mobile devices. Some are even based on famous game console titles or video games. For example, users can play the mobile version of Minecraft, Sims, Call of Duty, and many other popular titles.

The gaming market is expanding, and it caters to different users. So, it’s safe to say that the quality of the mobile games, as well as the options available, are one of the main reasons why many gamers like to play mobile games and why this market constantly grows and evolves.

To sum up, the mobile gaming market is growing due to the increased usage of smartphones, the affordable options on Google Play and the App Store as well as the enhanced quality of mobile games. In the future, with the deployment of 5G and VR technology, we expect the market to expand further and reach a bigger audience.

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