What to Know About Moving to Spring, TX

More and more people are making the move to Texas for a variety of reasons. Some are choosing to move closer to family while others are drawn to the larger cities and career potential. However, if you believe Texas is just Dallas and Houston, you are missing out on some of the most impressive smaller towns the country has to offer. For those who find Spring, TX, they find a little piece of paradise to call their own and here are some of the things you will want to know about Spring, TX before you make your big move to this little haven.

Population of Spring, TX

When moving to a large area in Texas, you might easily get lost, but in Spring, TX you will come to find it is a seemingly small town with a lot of personality. According to the last census, Spring, TX has a population of just over 54,000. That is a good size city to get to know people without getting lost in the crowd and the population in this part of Texas is always on the rise for a distinct reason.

It’s a Sub City for Houston

Many large cities incorporate surrounding towns into their jurisdiction to enhance their overall population and help smaller towns have more manageable and funded police forces, EMTs, and fire and rescue operations. Spring, TX is one of these subsect towns and sometimes it can be difficult to find Spring, TX on a map. Spring, TX can sometimes be placed in the same category as Woodland, TX which is a wider subsect of Northern Houston, but make no mistake about it, Spring is its own set apart city and yes, its population is increasing as more people move from Houston’s busy city center.

A Variety of Parks

Upon arriving in Spring, TX you will begin to notice, this smaller city is not without available things to do. Where you will not find a true resort town, you will find some wilderness type attractions available. Parks dominate the landscape here and TGR Exotics Wildlife Park is one of the biggest attractions in Spring, TX. This place offers the chance to get up close and personal with otters, monkeys, sloths and many, many others.

In addition to TGR Exotics Wildlife Park you will find a range of hiking trails and parks throughout Spring, TX. Pundt Park and Meyer Park are favorite places to explore the unspoiled great outdoors with those you love. Walking the trails, you will see a variety of local wildlife and enjoy the great outdoors in a protected, yet still wild environment.

Storage Units Are Essential

One thing to learn while living in Spring, TX is that storage units are essential tools to help alleviate clutter in your home. While moving, you can use storage units in Spring, TX as a convenient go between, to help keep things organized. Storage units are secure locations you can use as extra storage space. Homes in Texas do not always have an available basement or ample closet space. Attic spaces are more common, but due to high humidity in the summer season, their use is limited and mold and mildew are common in these areas. Storage units eliminate the need for additional in house storage and free up space. For those living in rental properties or apartments, a storage unit rental can significantly help your home feel more like your space.

Hurricane Harbor Splashtown

It gets hot in Texas and when the temperature rises for their notably intense summers, locals know where to go to cool off. Hurricane Harbor Splashtown is the place to beat the heat and where it might sound like a dangerous place with hurricane in the name, it is an enjoyable water park with splash pools, kid areas, wave pools, and amazingly tall water slides. This park is technically not in Spring, TX, but it is close enough o enjoy a nice day in the water. Many locals of Spring, TX invest in season passes to Hurricane Harbor Splashtown, so they can go as often as they want.

Wild Stallion Vineyards

A vineyard in Texas might sound a little odd, but if you have yet to visit the amazing Wild Stallion Vineyards, you have not seen or tasted excellent local Texas wine. Wild Stallion Vineyards produces a variety of wines and most are available to sample on the grounds. Wine tastings are a regular thing here and something to savor. Additionally, Wild Stallion Vineyards is a favorite wedding spot and a place to relax with friends and family during one of their concert events that happen usually during the month of August.

Atkinson Farms

Farmer’s markets are a great way to relax on a Saturday and see sample some amazing local produce. Atkinson Farms is the place to go if farmer’s markets are your chosen form of weekend entertainment. Atkinson Farms was started in 1953 and started as your typical family farm, but has blossomed over the years to incorporate over 100 acres and provides some of the best produce in all of Houston. You will become a regular at this remarkable farm and various activities are held here throughout the year, so visit often and keep up with them on social media and their website.


For those who are more artistically minded or looking for a quirky museum to explore, Spring, TX has both. The Thomas Kinkade gallery is located in Spring, TX for those who appreciate fine art. His collection is world renowned and some of his best pieces are located in this gallery. Once you have had your fill of fine art, move on down to the Funeral Museum. This museum is dedicated to honoring the dead. It is a little different, but you will be able to see the evolution of how funerals have been performed for centuries.

Spring, TX is an up and coming area with a lot to offer. Living in the Houston Center can get expensive. Spring, TX enables you to save a little money, but still be close enough to enjoy all the amazing things big city life has to offer. s

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