When Should You Launch New PPC Campaigns?

The PPC campaigns that you run for your digital marketing works as one of the highly effective strategies. However, no PPC campaigns are complete and effective unless you are applying them with the right time and method. The world of this paid search is highly beneficial for all businesses. However, when you are counting it as a strategy for your marketing, then you have to maintain the proper schedule for launching your new PPC campaigns. A good PPC Agency will guide you when and how to launch your PPC campaigns. Here is the appropriate time for it:

For the search: 

The PPC campaign for the search results requires the proper scenarios for the launch. Here is are the scenarios when you should consider launching a PPC campaign:

  • For a new product release: 

As a new product gets released, that requires the proper recognition and awareness in the market. Most of the time, the products that you are releasing tend to be identical to the other products. In such a case, you might need to use a new set of keywords to create a PPC to enhance the conversion for the product.

  • While you lack a search campaign:

If you have no search campaigns, then it is quite obvious that your search is going to get a lower-funnel with low traffic. To boost your market funnel and conversion, it is important to consider launching a new PPC campaign.

  • To get more boost in the traffic: 

To boost your traffic for the search intent, it becomes highly effective to get your hands in creating some new PPC to boost it. Using your experience regarding the best time to obtain the best results can help you in such cases.

  • To expand your business at a new location: 

If you are thinking of expanding your business to a new location, it becomes effective to boost the sales for your business. Based on a particular geographic location, you can launch your PPC campaigns to close more sales.

For the display: 

The PPC campaigns become essential for the displaying purpose to create a very effective brand image. Here is when you should consider creating new PPC campaigns for the display purpose:

  • In need of new display content: 

In case you are not having any of the display campaigns, then it becomes effective to create one. The display campaigns are not at all the low funnel. At the same time, they are very valuable and highly beneficial.

  • To create product awareness: 

To do your upcoming promotions rightly, the new PPC campaigns are the must-have one. Display campaigns are the best way to enhance your promotional, which helps you to drive more amounts of product awareness, which is highly effective for better conversion. It helps to reach out to those customers who are not familiar with your site.

  • To set a new target audience: 

To make your targeting for the new content base highly effective, the display campaigns come to be the best option for you. It renders perfect control over the bids and the budget, which is essential for better optimization.

For the shopping campaigns: 

To boost your shopping campaigns, you must keep in mind the right time to launch the PPC campaigns. Here are the best scenarios that you must consider:

  • While you do not have shopping campaigns: 

If you are not having any of the shopping campaigns in your stock, you must consider creating one. This is highly beneficial to target the higher funnel traffic. Especially when you are looking to make some sales, creating a PPC becomes highly helpful.

  • To introduce your new product categories:

As you launch your new product categories, it is important to make your audience know about them. If you are having all of your products in one campaign, then you must consider that your new products are active. On the other hand, if you have some high-priority products to launch, then it is high time to launch a campaign.

  • To do the promotions: 

The promotions are highly essential for the shopping campaigns. Thus to optimize the shopping campaigns, it is important to launch the campaigns as per the sales seasons to flaunt your seasonal offers.


As you follow the right time for your PPC campaigning, it ensures that you are closing the best amount of sales and a higher rate of conversion. At the same time, the period for launching your campaigns has a great impact on your sales funnel. Thus it is of higher importance to keep the schedule in mind.

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