Do you dream of saving your environment from the unwelcoming effects of global warming? It is undoubtedly a “Yes” answer since solar water heaters are part of the larger family of natural energy utilizers. The seven star solar water heaters are one of the unbeatable Brands you are not going to miss out on in the market, and probably, it is going to be your choice.

Important considerations for purchasing a solar water heater First, let us go through what most of us always ignore, yet are key for any product selection. Before you settle on any brand of solar water heaters, you must know the following:

1. Purpose – if it is for home use, consider a small capacity tank but it must be convenient to serve its purpose.
2. Efficiency – this describes the heart of design, ensure the model is reliable to deliver with no doubts irrespective of your environment.
3. Cost – go for affordable brands that will function relative to their expensive substitutes.

Let us dig into seven star heaters and see how promising the brand is.

Seven star solar water heaters product specification

The image below represents a brand of seven star heater,This product is designed with the latest techniques and equipment geared towards quality service. Below are a brief description of its functional parts:

1. Outer water tank – is made of stainless steel material SUS316 to prevent corrosion hence longer service life. It has an armor-colored plate and varies in diameter i.e. 480mm/460mm/420mm.
2. Inner water tank – also made of stainless steel SUS304.
3. Insulation of water tanks – Germany Polyurethane of 50mm thickness is used for heat preservation by preventing radiation and conduction losses.
4. Support frame – made of galvanized steel plate 1.5mm thick. The frame supports both the flat and angular installation of the solar equipment. The commonly used angles for installation are 45°, 38°, and 27°.
5. Solar collectors – the number of heating tubes is dependent on the tank capacity you choose. The tubes have over 93% absorption rate, making them utilize every single sunray. The storage tanks preserve the heated water at an average of 76 hours complemented by fewer radiation rates.
In addition, there is no water channeled inside the heating tubes (which work independently).

Benefits of using seven star solar water heaters

1. They are reliable – you will not miss having your hot water because of bad weather. High absorption and heat long-term heat preservation serve the sole function of this. Besides, their long service life is a great deal.

2. Simple configuration – seven star solar are not complex in design hence are affordable and easier to install and maintain.

3. Economical – apart from the affordable purchase price, they also use renewable solar energy that is readily available in most parts of the world.

4. The use of a pressurized tank makes them comfortable to use.

Seven star solar water heaters prices

You can get reliable prices from the company, but consider dealers near to you to save on travel costs. Price quotation mainly relies on the capacity of the equipment. A 150L averagely costs $52 and $94.5 for 300L capacity. Kindly contact, your supplier for exact values.

Know you have all you need on seven star solar water heaters; you should not doubt installing one and enjoy the reliable product in the market.

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