The Function Evolution Of Game Developers

Games meet us everywhere: on mobile devices, on social networks, on game portals, captchas with games have appeared. At the same time, modern computing power allows you to use stunning graphics in games and increasingly implement 3D effects that enhance the effect of presence.

A modern game at the development stage includes several components on which the success of the game largely depends. This is gameplay, design and graphics and, of course, the game engine. Game engines are becoming complex technology platforms today. Some of them are even provided free of charge. Others have quite liberal licensing terms. Many platforms with an evolution function engine for development can be downloaded for free. For this there is no need to have perfect programming knowledges. Modern game app development company has a lot of opportunities for development.

New Platforms for the Gameplay

Unity3d is a platform for creating 2D and 3D games and interactive content. The versions include a Personal Edition (free), a Professional Edition and a studio solution that promises special support. The Personal Edition includes all the features of the engine and almost all platforms.

With the variety of existing engines, a rather difficult choice can arise, where, in fact, to start making a game and what solutions are there. There are quite a few game engines for different tasks. Various programming languages ​​are used, support for different platforms and ready-made solutions. As is often the case, a lot will depend on personal skills and preferences. If you are going to create a simple 2D platformer or space shooter, it makes sense to consider something easy to learn. When developing a large-scale mobile strategy, it will be difficult to manage with just one simple engine.

The differences between the options can be both insignificant and quite radical. It’s the entry threshold, programming language, support, license type, 2D / 3D, graphics capabilities and other features. They can make you choose the right solution. If you already have a clear picture and an understanding of what to expect from the development of the project and what result should be obtained at the output, it will not be difficult to adjust your requests to the required engine. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of those that have already proven themselves in the market. Just watch the showcase of projects and ask questions of interest in the community or on the forum. In this case, the decision is unlikely to be long in coming.

With the recent release of the free version of Unreal Engine and the announcement of the free Source 2, you have even more options to make your own games. But choosing an engine that suits your needs and skills is not the easiest thing. There are variants of the software for beginners and professionals.

In addition to popular engines, there are still a lot of not very well-known. But, to put it mildly, very cool second-tier engines.

Mobile games have changed the world of the gaming industry. They evolve from an underground interest into a hobby enjoyed by billions of people around the world. The rise in popularity of games has also changed the games themselves. Users have become more demanding. And therefore developers need to work hard to surprise the audience. This makes them make games more fun, beautiful and enjoyable.

Good game development apps can help you stay tuned and create innovative games that challenge your users.

Own Game Engine Creation

What is a game engine? In short, it is a set of systems that simplify the most commonly used functions of the game. You can, of course, write an engine from scratch yourself, but it will take an unreasonably long time. However, today there are all the possibilities for this. If you often spend time playing games, and for you it is more than just entertainment, then you probably thought about the idea of ​​developing your own game. Maybe you want to do something better in your favorite game, or maybe you have interesting game ideas in your head, or even a completely new game universe that just asks to be realized in the form of a real game.

Quantity of Games Built

The motivation to create your own games in does not end with just personal attachment to games. Statistics show that professionals in this area are getting very good money. Of course, becoming a professional is not easy. However, if you are determined, the first thing you need to do is need the game creation software that works best for you.

Is design an absolute priority for you, or are you more focused on developing a storyline? Perhaps you are wondering how to create an RPG or are you planning a regular shooter? Whatever your dream, there is always a tool to make it come true. Let’s start by talking about engines for creating games. Serial production yields excellent results.


Game development nowadays is in an interesting situation. Many large studios are in the process of constant change. The market is in limbo. It is not stagnating yet, according to official figures it is even growing, but in fact it is stuck at a critical point. Platforms regularly increase the cost of attracting players to games. To recoup development and marketing costs, the game must show very good dynamics of keeping players in the game, converting a player into a payer. The player’s average payment must also be high enough. The result is a situation in which the number of games is constantly growing, while the number of paying players is limited and increases at a significantly lower rate.

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For a game to be successful from a business point of view, a successful combination of many factors is necessary: ​​a very high-quality game, a strong team of specialists, the availability of experience or ready-made technological developments in creating a game, sufficient development and marketing budgets, the absence of new strong competitors during the creation of the game, accurate hitting the taste preferences of the audience, etc. Collaboration will help to solve the problem.


It’s very easy to start making a game. It is much more difficult to finish it. Make a plan and follow it, otherwise development can take a long time. Realistically assess your strength. Bring a few small games to release, go through the full development cycle and you will gain invaluable experience and knowledge, and possibly money.

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