Top Documentary Films You Can’t Afford To Miss!

Every night, it occurs in a million homes: people sit around with remote controllers dangling from their hands, unsure of which documentary to watch next. Will it be the splendor of Our Planet? Or how about the roughness of Conversations With A Killer? Hence, there’s no need to ask any more questions. YouSat.tv provides a large selection of factual documentaries, and here are some of the best currently available to view.

A Letter to a Son About His Father, Dear Zachary (2008)

This documentary is based on the life and death of Andrew Bagby; a true-crime narrative turned beautiful. Dear Zachary tells the actual story of Bagby’s life before his death at the hands of his ex-lover Shirley Jane Turner. Kuenne, a close friend of Bagby’s, wanted to produce this documentary so that Zachary, Bagby’s illegitimate son, would know who his father was. The way the crime develops in a succession of Bagby’s unforgettable events is what makes this documentary stand out. Furthermore, all earnings go to a scholarship fund created in Andrew and Zachary Bagby’s names.

The Imposter (2012)

The Impostor is a fascinating thriller in which the protagonist is a real-life imposter, which is yet another unexpected story surprise. This British-American documentary follows Frederic Bourdin as he impersonates Nicholas Barclay, who went missing in Texas when he was 13 years old. After seeing this, you may have second thoughts about Bourdin’s way of life. One may describe it as spooky.

Food, Inc. (2008)

Warning: this post contains major spoilers! It may not be for you if you are against animal cruelty. Food, Inc., directed by Robert Kenner, is an Academy Award-nominated documentary film that exposes animal cruelty and abuse in the production of processed foods, notably junk food. This film has the potential to convert you to a vegetarian.

Aaron Swartz: The Story of the Internet’s Own Boy (2014)

Aaron Swartz, a computer genius and internet activist, committed suicide at the age of 26. Why did he act in this manner? To learn more about this life-changing adult, watch one of the best factual documentaries created by Brain Knappenberger.

Gigi Gorgeous: This is Everything (2017)

When an Olympic diver decides to transition from male to female, his life is turned upside down. The documentary depicts what goes on behind the scenes in Gigi’s life and her family’s reaction to it all. We also witness how she enlists the help of her followers to help her on her trip. This documentary is quite inspiring and will leave you wanting to learn more.

The Bridge (2006)

The Golden Gate Bridge, the subject of countless suicides, has always been the talk of the town. The Bridge not only documents these suicides but also features conversations with the relatives and friends of people who have taken their lives. Eric Steel’s film is powerful and shock-inducing.

Black Holes: The Edge of All We Know

It is a black hole-themed documentary. But it’s a film about the scientific method and humanity’s never-ending quest for knowledge. It follows two groups of scientists as they face different problems. One group attempts to capture the first image of a black hole, while the other attempts to resolve the “information paradox.” It’s both a historically significant account of how big scientific discoveries are created and a weird, fragmented love poem to science itself.

Louis Theroux: The City Addicted to Crystal Meth

It is one of the best factual documentaries to focus on a problem afflicting many American towns. Theroux addresses the crystal meth epidemic in the same way he approaches any challenging, complex topic: clumsily but with compassion and rigor. It is a heartbreaking depiction of the damage crystal meth has on individuals as well as entire communities. Theroux’s reporting has a detached tone, especially noticeable here, allowing him to show rather than tell you what’s going on.

Challenger: The Final Flight

The Challenger space shuttle tragedy occurred in 1986, when it broke up 73 seconds after launch, killing all seven crew members on board. The catastrophe changed the course of the space program. In this four-part documentary, the crew’s surviving relatives build a picture of the astronauts, including school teacher Christa McAuliffe, the first private citizen in space. The series recounts the catastrophe and delves into the mechanical faults and decision-making process, interviewing former Nasa officials who worked on the project and expressed safety concerns before launch.

JonBenet’s Casting

JonBenet Ramsey, a six-year-old pageant queen, died mysteriously in Boulder, Colorado, in 1996. Her death was deemed a homicide by authorities. It attracted significant media attention, but the culprit was never found – but theories about who may have done such a horrific crime continue to circulate. Casting JonBenet elicits a constant sense of dread from the start, not only for the narrative of Jon Benet but also for the intertwined lines of sorrow that bind those who watched her story unfold from afar.

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